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4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Restaurant LED Sign

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Restaurant LED Sign

LED signs seem pretty simple, right? Just set up the sign, punch in some top-notch content, and spread that message to tons of viewers.

But LED signs are far more effective if you know how and why to use them.

Coming up with great content for your sign isn’t as straightforward as it seems. But in order to make your sign work for you and your business, we’ll need to examine a few factors that can make or break your advertising efforts.

Ready? Let’s get to it.

Learn Your Restaurant LED Software

With so many LED signs, you’d think the manufacturers never even tried to use their own product before. All too often their sign software is obtuse and slow, hampering your efforts to write quality messaging for your sign.

LED sign software lets you adjust brightness, schedule messages to target specific times and days, change content on the fly, and a whole lot more.

Odds are you wouldn’t buy the latest smart phone if it took hours of troubleshooting and reading manuals to get started, and LED signs are no different. Choose a sign with powerful but simple software that makes advertising a breeze.

Make Your Case

Your LED sign isn’t the place for long, flowing messages. It’s an advertising tool, first and foremost, and you’ll need to be brief and concise to get the most out of your sign.

Your sign—like with most advertising mediums—is a time for brevity and focus. Think about how quickly patrons (or potential patrons) will be passing by your sign, and ask yourself if your content can even be absorbed before your sign is in each person’s rearview mirror.

Don’t make visitors and passersby think too much when they see your sign. If your message isn’t clear and enticing within the split second they lay eyes on your LED sign, you’ve lost them.

Whenever you come up with new content for your restaurant sign or examine old content that could use improvement, err on the side of brevity. Whether you’re trying to inform, advise or persuade, shorter is usually better.

Be Careful with Your Language

It’s crucial to come up with powerful content that really grabs viewers and makes them want to choose your business, but it’s also easy to cross the line. Viewers are quick to pick up on messaging that sounds too sales-y since we’re bombarded with thousands of advertisements every day.

Humor is perhaps most difficult to pull off on a restaurant signboard. What might be funny to half of your customers could cause you to lose business with others (at worst), or simply fall flat (at best).

Your sign has the potential to reach a huge chunk of your community. Negative attention will spread like wildfire, so stick with the sign’s original purpose—advertising.

Don’t Forget the Images

If you’re only using text on your LED sign, you’re not letting it live up to its full potential. After all, nobody would watch a movie if it was nothing but subtitles with no video.

Don’t think of LED signs as a lateral replacement for traditional signs—think of them as a massive upgrade. LEDs offer a robust multimedia toolset that allows you to display anything from scrolling text to HD video, so be sure to make use of it!

LED signs located near high-traffic areas with a lot of distractions or quick-moving expressways have even less time to reach your target than normal, which is where images and videos can be a huge boon.

Restaurant Signs Are the Tools, You Are the Craftsman

When it comes to advertising tools, nothing comes close to the return on investment provided by LED signs. Their up-front cost pales in comparison to the years of continuous, ‘round-the-clock advertising provided to potential customers.

When you’re first getting started, pay attention to the points listed above and soon you’ll be seeing incredible results, just like so many of our other customers.

And don’t be afraid to experiment! If something isn’t working for you, you can always change your content on the fly until you find the perfect formula.

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