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4 Quick Tips to Win More Customers with Your Sign Today

4 Quick Tips to Win More Customers with Your Sign Today

Sometimes people get caught up in the uniqueness of LED signs, and forget that they’re a tool just like any other marketing medium. Rather than reinventing the wheel, win customers with LED signs by sticking to the basics and craft marketing messages that will extend your reach and increase your business’ foot traffic like nobody’s business.

1. Keep it simple.

Simply put, LED sign messages need to be simple. Whether you’re using an indoor or outdoor LED sign, their format necessitates brief, punchy messages that customers can digest on their commute, walk, or while they wait. While it seems like a constraint, the nature of LED signs actually gives you a framework to write better, more concise sales messages that are ultimately more effective.

2. Know your customer.

What really motivates your customer? What pushes them over the edge to buy, and what objections do they face that make them not want to buy? Anticipating what your customers want and don’t want is crucial to any marketing campaign, not just those that use LED signs. Don’t be afraid to experiment—there might be a massively different reaction to messages with only slight word variations.

3. Repeat as much as possible.

It’s been shown that repeating simple, short LED sign messages over and over again is more effective for hammering your message home than creating a long, sprawling message or pitch that takes up just as much time. If you assume that a given person will only devote a fraction of their day to your LED sign, it’s better to make sure they understand your message loud and clear than to risk them walking away before it’s finished.

4. Location, location, location.

Just as important as your messaging—and perhaps more so—is the location of your LED sign. It might sound simple, but LED signs that can’t be seen just won’t get the job done. LED signs, whether indoor or outdoor, should be installed and displayed at a height, pitch, resolution and distance that combine for the optimal viewing experience for your intended audience.

Back to basics

LED signs are unique, but many of the same marketing tools you use every day can and should be applied to your sign. Don’t try to get too fancy—some of the most successful campaigns you can cook up might involve a few lines of text and an awesome graphic or video.

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