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10 Costly Mistakes Almost Every Business Makes with LED Signs

10 Costly Mistakes Almost Every Business Makes with LED Signs

Digital signs can be a big boost to your business’s advertising, helping you reach out to more customers and keep them informed. However, like any tool, digital signs will only be effective if you know how to use them.

There are a lot of good ways to use your digital sign. But you should also keep an eye out for these common mistakes while using your sign.

1. Signs Are Cluttered Or Confusing

To make the most out of your digital sign, you need to put an emphasis on communication. That means that customers should be able to easily read your sign and remember whatever it is you have to tell them.

If you put too much information on the screen, viewers won’t know where to look. They’ll be overwhelmed, and forget most of what they read on the sign.

Here are some common causes of confusion on digital signs:

  • Text is too small
  • Too much text
  • Text is clumped close together
  • Text is in a font that is difficult to read
  • Background color clashes with the text

2. Too Much Movement

Moving content can help catch a viewer’s attention, as well as help them absorb more information. But be careful with how quickly the content passes by.

If a viewer can’t absorb the text before it disappears, then your sign is not doing its job. Make sure that animations don’t obscure the text or make it hard to read.

3. Not Enough Contrast

The perfect message is useless if your viewers can’t see it. Make sure that your sign has plenty of contrast to make any text clear and easy to notice.

If you use a white font, don’t choose a light background. With a dark font, choose a lighter background that makes the text stand out.

4. Poor Quality Or Generic Images

One of the main advantages of LED displays over traditional signs is the ability to use high quality graphics. If you use poor quality or generic images for your sign, you’ll miss out on one of its most important features.

Avoid clipart images, which look tacky and unprofessional. Also make sure that images don’t get cropped or compressed when you upload them to the sign.

5. Generic Content

LED signs can help make your business stand out from the crowd. But if they’re used incorrectly, they can make you blend in. Make sure that your display features plenty of fresh, engaging content that will grab a viewer’s attention.

You should also tailor the content and message for the sign. Don’t just use a version of your website, as this will likely transfer poorly to an LED sign. Create unique content that is specific to your business and location.

6. Message Doesn’t Have A Call To Action

The point of an LED sign is to help drive business. Make sure that there is a call to action at the end of the message to capitalize on customer interest.

You can tell them to visit the store, ask them to sign up for a mailing list, or follow you on social media.

7. Bad Placement

People need to be able to see your sign. If they can’t, you won’t be able to communicate with customers and build your brand.

Try to keep your sign at around eye level, and put it in a place that minimizes glare throughout the day. If you have to place the sign high up, angle the display forward so that viewers can read text.

You should also choose a busy area for your sign to make the most of foot traffic. Also make sure you don’t have any other displays that could block the sign.

8. Poor Communication Within Your Business

LED signs will be much more effective if everyone within your business is on the same page. Coordinate your messages across teams to ensure that all stakeholders are in agreement.

Content creators should know how the sign will be used, and IT support staff should coordinate with the people on the ground who will be managing the signs day to day.

9. Lack Of Maintenance

LED signs are fairly low maintenance. But that doesn’t mean that they require no work. Make sure to properly maintain your LED display so that it looks professional.

Old, damaged, or poorly lit signs reflect poorly on your business. Replace worn down signs so that your brand’s image doesn’t take a hit.

10. Wrong Message

Good content is always targeted at the right audience. When you design messages for your LED signs, always think about who you’re trying to reach.

Humor is a great way to lighten up content and make it approachable. However, it’s not always appropriate, so know your audience before you stick jokes into your messaging.

You should also track how audiences interact with the sign. If it’s in a busy, crowded area with a lot of competition, keep your message short and sweet so that your audience will be able to absorb it with a quick glance.

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