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School LED Signs

We make LED signs that are perfectly crafted to help you communicate to your student body and staff. Stand out, get noticed, and be seen with MEGA.

MEGA LED School Signs

Schools across the country choose MEGA LED for their LED signs.

scrolling school LED sign
school LED
school LED sign
school led window sign
scrolling school LED sign
school led sign

Building A More Cohesive Campus

There was a time when every school had one of those old reader-board signs. You know, the ones your students vandalize in the middle of the night by rearranging the letters to create obscenities?

But all schools - from primary to university - need effective, efficient communication. And today, that form of communication is the LED sign. Why?

  • LED displays can't be tampered with as easily as block letter signs. Their message changes when you want, how you want;
  • LED signs can be used to instantly update your campus about current events or emergencies and are incredibly easy to read, unlike traditional signs;
  • And, LED displays are visible by nearly 70% of the general public, meaning your message won't be ignored or lost.

Fact is, LED signs are one of the most effective tools available to deliver your message to as many people as possible.

Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts

MEGA's LED signs are the best option for increasing safety, delivering news and building community on your campus. They're fast, eye-popping and resistant to the elements (and people).

And that's good news for anyone tired of ordering replacement reader-board letters.


MEGA LED is a leading producer of programmable school LED signs. From a humble start back in 2006, our company has grown by huge leaps without ever straying from our mission: providing only the best products at only the most competitive prices, and delivering unparalleled support and customer service.

Our development wing constantly pushes the boundaries on school LED technology. Our sales department is always ready to help you make an educated decision for your unique needs. And our tech support team is standing by to deliver incredible service for the entire life of your sign. For school signs small and large, MEGA has your back.

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3 LED Products, Unlimited Possibilities

Scrolling LED Window Sign

Scrolling LED Window Sign

Communicate to your prospects and customers as they walk by with VERSA™ - our low cost scrolling LED window sign that is easy to work with.

Learn More About VERSA™

Outdoor LED Sign

Outdoor LED Sign

Turn passerby's into customers with PREMIER™ - an outdoor LED sign perfectly crafted to make your business stand out, get noticed, and be seen.

Learn More About PREMIER™

High Resolution Indoor LED Sign

High Resolution Indoor LED Sign

From entertainment to advertising, SMD™ is our ultra high resolution indoor LED display perfectly crafted to make your event or business shine.

Learn More About SMD™

LED Signs Perfectly Crafted for Schools

All of our retail LED signs are built with high quality components and attention to detail. You're going to love your stunning LED display for years to come.

Why choose MEGA for your School's LED sign?? 10 Reasons...

1Manufactured in the USA

All MEGA signs are designed and built with precision and care, engineered for maximum performance in our sprawling 69,000 square-foot LED facility in Commerce, California. For you, our domestic presence means faster, better support and a superior product.

2Five year parts and labor warranty

Everything we build is backed by our industry-leading parts and labor warranty, covering you and your LED school sign for five years. That’s on-site labor, too. And if you’re located in the lower 48, expect to receive your new parts within just 72 hours of requesting help.

3Price match guarantee

Even though our products are top-of-the-line, our prices aren’t. Even better, we’ll match the price of any of our competitors—just send us their quote and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s a win-win for everyone.

4Trusted by tons of organizations

Our constant innovations in the LED industry have been noticed by countless schools and universities across the country. After all, who wouldn’t choose the best product at the best price?

5Free customized content & designs

Don’t worry about coming up with great new content or epic designs for your new school signage—we provide free content and design services for a full year after your purchase, meaning we’ll help your school design the perfect message to start getting results right away.

6Built to last

With continuous steel mounting, durable LINE-X coating, solid state control systems, all aluminum cabinets and waterproof plugs, MEGA LED signs for schools are built above and beyond industry standards. Your sign will be running just like new for years to come.

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  • Get all your questions answered
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"Working with MEGA was fantastic from start to finish. When I first got my quote they answered all my questions and concerns. I got the perfect sign for my business and now I'm bringing in more customers!"

Neil Blackburn

Subway Franchise Owner - Colorado

Download a product brochure and get all your questions answered without any sales pressure.

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