Retail Signs

Get your message out there! With our retail signs, you will be able to capture your target market’s curiosity and attention in an instant. Put your “Specials of the Day” or “Promotional Items” where your audience can see them. Let potential customers know about your products, services, hours of operation, events, reminders, schedules, public service announcements or even the local time and temperature.

With a Mega LED Technology display, not only can your sign become a landmark in the community, but you can turn casual, drive-by traffic into actual walk-in customers and capitalize on impulse buyers. In short, our signs have proven results to help you get the highest returns on your investment.

Restaurant Signs

Turn passing traffic into actual dine-in customers with your very own on-site Mega LED Technology display. Join the majority of restaurants who have enjoyed a 15% – 150% boost in sales since adding an electronic message display to advertise their business.

Regardless of how good your restaurant may be, without recognition, there is no reputation. Our LED signs will help convey to your audience what your restaurant is about and has to offer, leading to awareness within the community.

School Signs

School Signs

Let your community know what your school is up to by keeping everyone abreast of notifications and reminders. From sporting events, PTA meetings, fundraisers and school functions, you will be able to keep both students and parents constantly informed. Have a special congratulatory message for a group of students? Put it on our Mega LED Technology display so the world can see and celebrate with your school!

You can also turn your school sign into a community landmark by displaying your location’s time and temperature. LED electronic displays are a great way to foster a more united front between your school activities, your students, their families and your town.

Auto Dealer Signs

Our Mega LED Technology signs are extremely effective for auto repair and sales shops as it’s a simple and efficient solution for advertising. Utilizing an LED sign for your shop will help you take advantage of the traffic that passes by your store by clearly displaying special deals, services and offers your shop provides. Every single passer-by is a potential client, but you need to get their attention first, and with our on-premise LED sign, you’ll be sure to turn audiences to customers.

Hotel Signs

In a foreign location, tourists and travelers are always looking for signs to point them in the right direction, but it is easy to often miss a dull and traditional sign. With our Mega LED Technology display, you wouldn’t have to worry about not getting noticed. You’ll be able to clearly and vibrantly advertise things from vacancies, promotions, and daily specials so that people know exactly what your location has to offer.

Utilizing our LED displays is a proven and efficient method to expanding your clientele by giving people what they are looking for: Perhaps a cozy room, exquisite breakfast, cable, or any other amenity, beautifully displayed on a brilliant LED electronic display.

Municipal & Government Signs

The city and government is always expected to be up to date in keeping its community informed on what is happening and an electronic message display is undoubtedly the most effective way to achieve this. Whether the LED sign is located in front of a government building, the community park or gateway, it keeps the city updated on all events and situations.

Our Mega LED Technology sign is an efficient and cost effective way to display public service announcements in real time. It can supply the community with critical and important information while facilitating interaction with the community’s residents.

Church Signs

If you’re looking for an effective and efficient method to communicate your church’s message to your congregation, our Mega LED Technology displays offer you the perfect solution. Display your announcements in real time and reach out to a larger part of the community while keeping everyone informed of church activities, announcements, events and schedules. Our sign can help you foster a tighter community or even offer inspiration to onlookers with scheduled messages and bible verses.

There is no doubt about the role a church plays in a town or city, and with our LED sign, it can have your church play a more active role in reaching out to the community.

Gas Station Signs

Although people mainly pull into a gas station to refuel, walk-in customers are just as crucial since it creates an additional revenue stream for the business. By strategically utilizing our Mega LED display for your convenience store, it’ll help you easily advertise all your special offers and hot items to gas customers and passers-by alike.

The key to successfully converting an audience into a customer is firstly getting recognized, then providing them with information that is useful or appealing to them. With our vibrant LED displays, you’ll always be able to achieve this.


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