In this age of technology, digital LED signs are becoming more and more paramount to the success of business advertising. With our MEGA HD Display Series, you have the ability to display ultra sharp text, images, and videos to engage and capture the attention of onlookers. Designed and engineered in our California facilities, you can expect the highest quality out of the MEGA HD Display Series: weather proof structure, aluminum body, energy efficiency, conformal coated power supplies, and only the top quality LEDs for vibrant colors and extended lifeline.

Solid State Control System
High performance embedded Linux controller for stability and reliable performance.

Energy Efficient
Our LED Signs consume 20% less energy than the average LED signs.

LED Module
Top quality LEDs to maintain maximum brightness, vivid colors, and long lasting stability.

Aluminum Cabinet
Built with light weight aluminum cabinets that dissipate heat and resist corrosion more effectively than iron cabinets.

Conformal Coated Power Supply
A protective coating on the power supply shields it from condensation and breakdown, which increases the life of the power supplies by 25%.

USA Design, Build and Support.
We’re a proud USA manufacturer that offers lifetime technical support on all our products.

Continuous Steel Mounting Angle
3/16” thick steel angle for ease of installation.Waterproof Plugs
Thermostatically controlled fans that regulate the internal temperature of the display.

Product Safety Testing & Certification
MET Lab Certified – compliant with UL specifications (UL48, UL8750, UL1433)

Highest ResolutionApex
Series offers the highest resolution for outdoor displays and its 10mm spacing between each pixel provides the most vibrant and crystal clear contents.

Innovative Features
Key factors on how we are different than others

Made in USA
USA Research & Development USA Manufacturing Facility USA Technical Support

Energy Efficient
Our LED Signs consume up to 20% less energy than the average LED signs, yet they are 40% brighter.

The Best Service and Support
Our knowledgeable team of customer service representatives are here to help you! We also offer training courses and consultation seminars as part of our support package. We take extra care in taking care of you, going as far as offering you a lifetime tech support for all of our products.


Resolution Pitch: 16mm
Colors: 281 Trillion Colors
Viewing Angle 160 degree
Pixel Composition: 1 Red / 1 Green / 1 Blue
Brightness > 12,000 NITS
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
LED Life-span: 100,000 Hrs
Refresh Rate: 2,000
Graphic Capability: Text, Picture, Video(jpg, bmp, gif, swf, wmv, avi, mp4
Temperature Display: -40F to +140F (Optional)
Auto Dimming: 250 Levels (Optional)
Construction: Aluminum Cabinet
Mounting: Continuous Steel Angle 2” x 3/16” Top & Bottom
Communication: RJ45 (Standard) ; 2.4GHZ Wireless (Optional)
Operating Temperature: -40F to +140F
Serviceability: Front Service – Quick Release Modules
Software: Mega LED Manager for Windows OS
Certification: MET Lab / UL48, UL8750, UL1433
Warranty: 5 Year Parts / Factory Labor
mega led sign 5year warranty mega led sign MET UL





Mega LED Technology Warranty

Mega LED Sign warrants your new Mega LED Sign (MLS) to be free from defects in factory materials and workmanship. Products believed to be a manufacturing defect will be repaired or replaced upon investigation of the issue. Each new MLS includes (5) Year Limited Warranty. Limited warranties only cover parts and/or factory labor.

Mega Sign, Inc.’s Five Year Warranty covers

• All Mega Sign Inc manufactured electronic products
• All LED board assemblies*
• All power supplies
• All embedded electronic controls **
• All wires, plugs, and ribbon cables

Exchange Program

Mega Sign Inc’s unique Exchange Program is a quick service for replacing key parts in need of replacement. If a MLS requires a replacement part, Mega Sign, Inc. will send the customer a replacement part, and the customer shall send the defective part back to Mega Sign, Inc. This service allows the customer to get the sign back in working condition quickly and decreases display downtime.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

This warranty shall not apply to any product for improper installation, unauthorized modication, vandalism, destruction, loss, theft, negligence, damage or misuse of product. Nor does this warranty cover any malfunction or damage due to natural disasters or extraordinary weather conditions, such as, but not limited to: hurricane, typhoon, tsunami, earthquake or severe weather.

* 1% or less of dead LED lamps is considered acceptable and is not covered under warranty.
** All wireless devices and peripheral components associated with wireless devices are covered for only 1 year .
– Shipping both ways not covered under any warranty.

Mega LED Technology reserves all the rights to modify or change this warranty without notice at anytime. Mega LED Technology Makes no other Warranties with Respecct to the Products or any Serices and disclaims all implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability, Noninfringement and fitness for a particular purpose, or arising from a course of dealing, Usage or Trade practice.