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If you want your business to have a bright eye-catching advertisement that can reach a lot of people, you should consider purchasing a digital billboard. Digital billboard advertising breathes new life into an old advertising medium by using colorful, bright, and attention grabbing animation to attract potential customers. Mega Sign digital billboards are easy to program and even easier to use. Digital billboards have the added benefit of being able to be changed quickly so their messages keep up with current offerings and trends. If you want to learn about your potential future digital billboard, scroll down to read our product description and see a Mega Sign's digital billboard in action!
Digital Billboards

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  • Instantaneous alteration of content provides less downtime, resulting in more overall views.
  • Create playlists without having to be connected to the Digital Billboard. Connect to the Digital Billboard only when transferring content.
  • Rotation of content provides a dynamic effect compared to a singular static advertisement.
  • Bright LED lights can be seen from much further, reaching a larger area in the same amount of time.

Billboards are spread throughout the streets, standing in stillness for all potential customers to see. Reach those that commute every day, as well as those that pass by occasionally with a Mega Sign Digital Billboard! Your programmable LED board will give you the instant exposure you desire, with clarity, size, and elegance!


Choosing the correct control method for an LED sign can help you save much needed time.

The remote controlled LED sign models are a perfect solution for those that are looking to expand their business. The remote controlled signs have a fixed format that the programmer can go through step by step in order to add messages, add effects, or even insert pre-inserted images onto the playlist. The remote control method is available for the following models:

2413 ~ 24120 Window Tri Color and Single Color
3213 ~ 32120 Window Tri Color and Single Color
4213 ~ 42120 Window Tri Color and Single Color
4813 ~ 48120 Window Tri Color and Single Color

>> MOVIE GUIDE BOOK : How to use remote controlled LED SIGN



Full Color LED signs are PC Controlled Only

*Additional Charges may apply*

Mega Sign LEDs are able to be programmed via PCs. Connected by a cable (standard) or wireless Bluetooth (optional upgrade), its simple- to-use, and endless possibilities makes your LED sign truly unique. With a simulation screen that gives you an idea of how your playlist is currently progressing, program the perfect playlist for your LED sign. Inserting texts, images, and even movies is easily accessible with Mega Sign’s PC software.

>> MOVIE GUIDE BOOK: How to use PC controlled LED SIGN



- Catch attention with bright LED gas price signs.
- Easy programming


At Mega Sign, we invite LED sign companies to enter into our Dealership Program. We are looking forward to forming a partnership with your company with the well-being of both sides on our minds. Our dealership program includes dealer-only prices, and a point system to give further benefits to our dealers.

As an added incentive, our Dealers will have the option to have their company inputted into Mega Sign’s dealer database for anyone to see. This will give the dealers an added exposure to customers, and give Mega Sign to be able to direct customers looking for dealers nearby their location to them.
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