The 21st century advertising medium is here
Electronic message centers or EMC’s are now leading the new wave of advertising, just as television did in the 1950’s. EMCs act as the medium that speaks and targets your immediate audience and engages them on-site. It speaks to your audience directly, quickly and effectively, right on your property. It puts a whole new spin on the popular saying that the three most important elements of a business are: location, location and location!
Make use of the opportunities in front of you.
EMCs act in a way that allows more people to step inside your store by advertising on a sign what you have inside. Simply put, an electronic messaging center turns traffic outside of your store into traffic coming into your store. This results in a dramatic increase in your sales.

Mega Sign is the obvious choice when it comes to advertising needs.

You can reach a larger audience more expensively with traditional ad mediums. The question is what percentage will be inspired, get off the couch, and actually travel to your specific location?

It is true that traditional ad mediums can reach a larger audience. But they are also more expensive. Also, have you ever thought of the actual percentage people who will be inspired to get off from their couches and drive to your location upon seeing your ad? Very little.

Traditional ads only last 30 seconds. With an EMC, you can create a brand new ad with a different message every single second, minute, hour or day, at no extra charge. You can also change your marketing method or your message easily. Why? Because you own the medium. You don’t get this much flexibility with traditional ads.

Now let’s compare an EMC with an outdoor billboard. With an outdoor billboard, we are talking about thousands of dollars for one image that cannot be changed for an entire month. Billboard companies are now realizing the potential in selling rotational space with EMC’s, so that you can buy a spot and have it rotate every few minutes. You can also own your on-premise EMC so that you don’t need to pay a rental cost and be able to advertise all day and all night.

With an EMC, you are given the free will to showcase your products and services while keeping your marketing and advertising messages fresh and up to date. A good example would be restaurants that use the EMC to display their changing menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You never have to worry about irrelevant or stale ads. Also, your customers are treated to something new and fresh to look because you change your content every time.

The New Medium is the Message

Mega Sign uses only the top quality manufacturing processes in order to create their video screens and text message centers. This ensures the best results for different applications, which include pylon displays, electronic billboards, gas price changers and time and temperature displays.

There is an increasing number of stores, offices and building using LED displays because of its proven effectiveness in reaching out, informing and advertising. The wonder of the LED display system is its ability to change its message instantly and infinitely. With an LED, business owners are able to make direct contact with customers and target audiences through customized messages. Because of the personal and direct touch, the LED signs are more eye-catchy and effective than traditional advertising means.

Many outdoor advertising companies and business owners who have started using LED signs are all awash by the positive impact it has had on their sales and objectives. This new way of getting the message across is definitely being met with approval and success. Sales are said to have increased as opposed to placing ads in newspapers, engaging in direct mail, flyers, posters and other forms of advertising.