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How to Boost Seasonal Business

Saturday, May 10th, 2014


Summer will be here in a few weeks. If you own a business that is related to tourism, food, summer activities and others, this is your opportunity to improve your business and increase your profit.

LED Signs

Unlike other businesses, seasonal business is more challenging to manage. Off peak season can be a drag for some entrepreneur that others, even consider venturing out to other kind of business to augment their income. That is why when the opportunity arises, it’s important to be ready to give your best shot and seize the opportunity to make your business shine.



Get ahead


Long before the summer start, get ahead of your competitors by creating a marketing plan for your business this summer. Include in your plan how you can better reach your target audience and how you can spread awareness about your products. If you haven’t installed an outdoor LED sign yet, you may actually consider investing in one to make your business look more modern and updated.


Update your promotional materials


If you are not getting the result you want for your business with your current marketing strategy, it’s time to touch up your promotional materials and give it a new twist. Check you fliers, brochures and leaflets if it is still in line with your current practices. Update the content of your indoor digital sign and make sure to fill it up with the catchy content to bring in more people to your retail store.


Take your product and services to the new level


Train your staff to handle challenging customers and unexpected situations. With the increase of foot traffic, it will be more difficult to address the needs of all your customers at once. Keep queue lines short by training your staff to provide quality and efficient customer service to all the shoppers.


Let the season reflect your business


Boost your business this summer by hanging seasonal decorations in your store location. You can even play video or show images about the season through your digital display or LED sign. Keep your content sweet and classy, so you can make your store the best place to be this season. Offer summer discounts or giveaways to keep things more exciting.


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The Role of LED Signage Inside the Office (part 2)

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

In the previous blog post, we tackled employee evaluation and its role in business management. In that post we listed the factors that cause inefficiency of employees and proved how unlikely things such as a LED sign can help manage them.

As promised, here are the ways to handle the situations we listed:


Photo credit:

On job security

Try to explain to the employee the company’s current state and where it’s headed. Tell him how vital his role is in the company, and that a little patience is important however big or small the company is.

On personal issues

They say your personal life should never get in the way of work. This is even harder if the employee is in trouble with a family member who works in the same office as he does. Really, there is not much you can do than tell him about the consequences of neglecting work. Of course you may tell him to talk to his loyal workmates for support.

On office politics

Office politics is something that can be resolved if you sit down and talk. As the boss, it is important for you to be on top of everything. For this, LED sign technology may also come into play. Using electronic signage, you can make the most out of your staff meetings as it encourages active participation.

On having no sense of priority

Make the employee rediscover his priorities by asking him what and who he works for. Tell him that the company will help him if he helps himself.

On having an illness

Allow the employee to take a leave of absence – it’s the obvious and sensible thing to do.

On using old-fashioned office equipment

If the budget allows, then by all means purchase the needed equipment. Otherwise, tell the employees to stretch their skills a little bit and make the most of what you have. Perhaps you can offer incentives to get them going.

In one of the future blog posts we’ll show you the reasons how staff meetings are more productive with LED signs. For more of its uses, please keep to our website.




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Installing LED Signs for a Safer Community

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

As streets become less and less safe for American families, the authorities are doing everything in their power to try to overturn the situation. In tracking down criminals, for example, they have already employed the use of digital signage.

Security is one of the prime benefits of outdoor signs, and they are widely used by the authorities to notify the public about dangerous people. This has been the case for as long as anyone can remember. But, with the advent of LED technology, the police are presented a more effective way to disseminate much-needed information.

images (12)

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An LED sign can show a much larger version of a criminal’s photo and if placed in a highly visible area, will certainly reach more people. Along with it, you can still post mimeographed or computer-printed versions of the photo everywhere for better results. Another good thing about the LED safety sign is it can display contact numbers. Let people know what number to call in case anyone spots the suspect in their neighborhood. You may also key in different emergency numbers.

In Bradford County, Florida, cops post huge signs around the community or directly outside the houses of convicted child molesters and sexual predators in order to alarm the people. Imagine how even more effective their project will be if they employ LED signs in places frequented by people. Whether or not the suspect is still in the area, outdoor LED signs will surely help in the manhunt or provide leads to the arrest. The best thing about them?  LED displays involve the entire community.

images (13)

Photo credit:

By using LED signs you can also inform people about how certain criminals work. This way people will be more vigilant. Educating people about their typical methods of operation will likewise push criminal minds to think twice. A well-informed, watchful, and united community will make any criminal abandon an evil plan, that’s a fact.

Truly, digital signage is an effective visual communication device, the kind that every community needs to have. In case you haven’t figured out, criminals have no place in your neighborhood.



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The Truth About LED Light Bulbs

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

LED light bulbs are slowly becoming the bulb of choice not just in businesses but also in households. They are slowly replacing incandescent bulbs, and only for good reasons.

There is a huge disparity in life expectancy between traditional light bulbs and LED light bulbs. Depending on the energy level used, a LED bulb can last for up to 100,000 hours while typical incandescent light bulbs can only afford around 2,000 hours. Be forewarned, though: it is important to control the usage of your LED bulbs because it tends to get dimmer over time, so the actual lifespan isn’t exactly what is advertised. Still, the switch to LED bulbs is a great idea.

Here are a few tips on how to maximize the use of LED light bulbs, whether they are used at home  or in businesses via digital displays. LED signs can last even longer, which is why it is such a great investment especially for your business.


Photo credit:

Maintain control

You have to understand that although they are energy efficient, by the time they reach the limit of their lifespan, they will have dimmed beyond use. Be reminded that you don’t leave your LED bulb open when not in use. This may not be possible for a LED signage utilized for business since sometimes it must be open for 24 hours straight. At home, though, be sure you turn it off when you are done with work. Otherwise, you are just decreasing its lifespan.

Allow for some cooling time

LED bulbs significantly lower heat output, so you must allow the LED light bulb some cooling time. Heat in LED reduces the lifespan of a LED sign. Before turning it on again, be sure that it has undergone a considerable amount of down time.


Avoid turning them on/off frequently

This is much like what your mom would say about the refrigerator. Frequently turning it on and off certainly will affect its lifespan, much like recurrently opening and closing the refrigerator. Really, common sense will tell that this isn’t smart practice.

Whether for home or for business, LED is the way to go. For the many reasons why LED technology is the smart choice and why it is here to stay, kindly visit our website.

Also, having your sales people visible will assure potential customers of topnotch customer service, so they won’t hesitate on coming in. You want to create an ambience that will make the customers feel comfortable while engaging in a different shopping experience.

Arrange and rearrange

There are times when you need to rearrange the layout of your store, either to keep up with changes, or simply to give it an entirely different mood. Or, you may want to do this in other situations like when you experience a decrease in sales and need something to perk things up.

Ask friends what they think of your store’s layout. Be open for suggestions. Perhaps you can also ask long-time customers. Are they comfortable shopping around?

See, not much to it! All you need is an acceptance that visual merchandising is a modern art form, therefore it needs a little bit of creativity. That said, who needs a visual merchandiser?

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Are Full Color LED Signs better than Single Color LED Signs?

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Investing on a digital message board is a big step towards improving your business. However, you have to make sure that you get the right kind of message board to ensure the effectiveness and the efficiency of your message board. To do this, you have to consider your options and decide which suits your needs, budget and purpose.

One of the most common questions of business owners when it comes to LED signs is which between the Full Color LED Sign or Single Color LED sign is better. While this question can be a little tricky, it is important to understand the difference between these business signs before you choose which one to purchase for your business.



When it’s best to use Full Color LED Sign?

Megasign full color digital display boards are capable of displaying up to 1.7 billion colors for a brilliant picture. It comes with complementary software to allow you to easily change the message you want displayed on your LED signs and control the animation or effects to use in your message board.

If you are selling products that need to be visualized like cars, high end residences, or travel destinations, it’s important to create content that are visually enticing to your customers. Full color LED sign can help you highlight your products better and capture the attention of wider audience in your area.


When it’s best to use Single Color LED Sign?

Our single color LED signs are available in options of an attractive, glowing amber color, or a bright, fluorescent red. Megasign’s high quality LED bulbs are designed to last for over 100,000 hours, making them a quality long lasting investment for your business. In times when pictures are not necessary to make an attractive display, single color LED sign can be enough to draw more foot traffic in your store.

When you are using powerful text messages to promote your business, you need to use bright lights, bold fonts and simple animations. This kind of products works for those businesses that need general retail LED Sign such as pawnshops, insurance companies among others. These are the businesses that don’t require vivid visualization of their products and services.


Deciding factor

Price is definitely a deciding factor when it comes to choosing your digital display. Full color cost definitely cost more than monochrome LED sign. However, it should not be the sole reason why you choose one over the other. Consider your community, your location and your business goals before deciding on anything.

If you’re still in doubt, you can always talk to our team of experts for recommendations.


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Put your Company’s Name in the Sky Today!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Proper advertisement is one of the many pillars on which a successful business is balanced. If you own a business, surely you are aware that paying for television ad space or a spot in a magazine can run a pretty penny. Obviously, as you are attempting to reach the eyes and ears of as many people as possible. An often overlooked option, however, are the massive signs hovering high above major highways known as billboards. Many business owners fear that these outdoor LED signs might be too expensive for their profit return, but a new style of billboard may change your opinion.


Outdoor digital billboards sound like something from a futuristic science fiction movie, but they may already be in your city or town. Like traditional billboards, they are stationed on large posts near highways, displaying a company’s logo and message. However, instead of using a stagnant, painted image to gather attention, they use LED lightning to display the image further and clearly in the middle of the night. Also, the improved technology also allows for multiple messages to be programmed into the same sign, meaning multiple images can be displayed in the same location. This procedure can sometimes also be used to create animated signs with greater fluidity and simplicity than previous incarnations.

If you’re searching for an effective way to catch the attention of a large audience, an outdoor digital billboard might be just what you need! Best of all, maintenance is simple and requires a minimal amount of technical knowledge to operate. The shining image of your company could be placed above the streets for all to see, what greater form of advertisement could you ask for?
Have you ever seen a digital billboard while driving? Are you the proud owner of one, and if so how has it improved your business?

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Brighten Up your Restaurant with LED Signs

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Do you own a restaurant, diner, or other eating establishment? If so, you are probably already aware of the fact that attracting attention via visual means is one of the most integral methods of drawing business into your store. Without much concern, I’m willing to bet you probably have some large, brightly lit LED sign outside of your establishment with the name proudly glowing by the side of the highway. While this is in no way a poor marketing or advertising method, have you ever considered what exactly goes into your sign? It might be more important than you think, and worth the consideration for one of the most cost effective methods of advertisement for your business.


Most lit signs are traditionally brought to life with either neon or a tungsten light bulb. These methods have been used for generations and they get the job done well enough, but have an infamous history of breaking down. How many times have you driven across town and noticed faded or dimmed letters in the signs of major companies, leading an oft comical renaming of the venue? Neon and tungsten bulbs can be difficult and pricey to replace; generally a hassle to anyone who has had to work with them. The big question, in that case, is if there is an alternative.

LED business sign, or signs that use LED lights in place of older varieties, are a new solution to this concern. They burn longer, use less energy, and are simple to replace. Most signs are made of multiple bulbs that can be replaced cheaply and quickly. Also, many signs come with a programmable feature, allowing you to alter what the sign does or says as frequently as you like.

Does your business use an LED sign? If so, have you seen an increase in customers? How about a decrease in maintenance costs?

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Market your Business with LED Display Billboards

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

With so many consumer choices available today, it has become paramount for businesses to market themselves effectively. One of the strongest factors in consumer choice is brand recognition. If they don’t know the name, they often won’t buy the product. Highway billboards are a long-standing method of increasing brand recognition, but they are starting to become dated in the public’s eye. We offer a full range of LED display signs that can create a bold visual impression for your customers.


Americans spend more time on the road than ever before, and as they drive absent-mindedly to and from work, their mind craves interaction. Instead of relying upon a single sign on a not-so-busy street, your business can be at the forefront of their daily commute. Available in a wide variety of sizes, our programmable LED displays can be fully customized to meet any business need.

From telling the time to advertising upcoming events, our signs are quick and easy to adjust. Business owners can simply type in the desired message and flip a couple of switches to have their new message broadcast to the world. If more than plain text is desired, our LED billboards can also display high quality images and even smooth animations.

Instead of displaying the same old message week after week, our LED displays can show a custom message to your customers every time they drive by. With super-simple adjustments and maximum flexibility, you can keep up with the latest events and trends in your advertising. These signs bring new life into a time-tested and ageless advertising medium.

When it comes to business success, look to the pros for advice. Every single brand in the Fortune 500 relies upon advertising and marketing to take their business from good to great. If you’ve been thinking about improving your local marketing, our bright, attractive LED display billboards are a flexible choice that will last for many years. Ad campaigns change, but LED signs remain a constant performer.


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The Top 5 Reasons why LED Signs are the Right Fit for Your Business

Monday, May 13th, 2013

In advertising, visibility is the key to success. Nothing attracts customers’ eyes like a well-designed, bright, and colorful sign. Here are the top five reasons to take advantage of LED signs in your business’s next marketing campaign.


1. Customization

The best thing about our digital signs is the level of customization they give you. Almost any ideas you have can be displayed neatly and visibly on an LED screen. Customers can be shown a truly unique business message from your company.

2. Changeability

Tracking and managing the ROI of a campaign is important to get the best value per advertising dollar. LED signs let you change the message at any time, so campaigns can be adjusted on a daily basis.

3. Visibility

Our signs are bright and beautiful even on the cloudiest of days when traditional signage would be dull or dark. Customers often take advantage of poor weather by shopping and spending extra time indoors, so these are the best times to increase visibility. We offer the brightest and highest-quality LEDs that will really bring your business to the attention it deserves.

4. Energy Efficient

We offer energy-efficient LED sign that have all the brightness and visual appeal with none of the high-energy bills. Keeping your business green is easy with LEDs.

5. Unique

Ads that stand out are the best way to catch customers’ eyes and bring them in to your business. Digital signs are unique and often spark a conversation as potential new customers walk and drive by. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to build engagement with your brand.

If your business could use some extra marketing tools and increased sales, our sign professionals will work with you to create the LED sign that’s right for your business. With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why more and more businesses are starting to use LEDs for their marketing and advertising needs.

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Broadcast Your Message with Digital Billboard Signs

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Now more than ever, companies urgently need to communicate with the consumer. With economic and market conditions changing constantly, the message needs to be fine-tuned and flexible. Digital billboard signs are a great way to communicate your message, as these digital signs are the wave of the future. Here are five of the most exciting features of our digital signs:


1. Billboards used to be limited to static messages. Now, digital billboards let you change the message in a matter of minutes, as well as allow the user to designate a playlist of different messages.

2. We carry a wide variety of digital billboards, including remote-controlled units and PC-controlled signs. You can use our software to add special effects, text, images, and even video. The systems also allow you to create, refine and order your playlists and make instantaneous changes. That leads to less downtime, meaning more exposure.

3. Another great feature of our digital billboard signs is that you can perfect your advertisements on your PC without having to be connected to the digital sign. The only time you need to connect to the sign is when you are transferring data.

4. The dynamic rotating content made possible by digital billboards allows users to try out a number of different advertising strategies and deliver more information. The changing content and bright LED sign lights also attract more attention, so your message reaches more people.

5. As an added benefit, the LEDs use very little energy, so our products are good for the environment.

Technology can be expected to change the way marketing and advertising is done. Just as the Internet revolution brought interactivity and shifting images into our lives, we expect that billboard technology will only continue to advance, creating new possibilities and new opportunities for advertisers. In order to be competitive, our clients need to stay on top of the latest technology, and we help by providing the best possible products.

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