27 Nov

How LED Displays Will Maximize Your ROI


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Wise words to live by. But are they always true?

What about when it comes to your marketing strategy?

For the better part of a century, the trifecta of print, radio and television were all you and your business needed to haul in new customers and generate sales.

Not so anymore.

While it’s true that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, there are certainly more effective ways to get publicity—chiefly by modernizing your advertising efforts, using a combination of digital signage, online and social media marketing.

24 Oct

10 Compelling Stats That Make LED Signs A No-Brainer For Smart Business Owners


There’s more compelling evidence for owning an LED sign for your business than “they look cool.”

(Even though that’s true.)

LED displays have quietly become a major marketing game-changer, but until recently people didn’t have any real data on why they’re so effective.

Well, we have those statistics now—ten major findings over the past few years by LED sign manufacturers, business owners and independent studies—on just how effective these customer lightning rods actually are.

24 Oct

7 Frequently Asked Questions About LED Signs – Answered


Have questions about LED signs? You’re not alone.

Let’s dive right in with answers to 7 of the most common questions people have about LED displays, starting with…

24 Oct

How To Choose the Perfect LED Sign for YOUR Organization


Surprised to find out there’s not just one kind of LED sign?

No worries, it’s easy as pie to choose the right one for your needs. Let me ask you a few questions…

Are you trying to grab people off the street, or sending a message to folks already inside your business?

Are those people glancing at your sign from far away or way up close and personal?

LED signs are the right choice for almost every advertising situation, but their type, size and resolution are going to vary.

24 Oct

6 Elements of a Quality LED Sign


LED signs are a fantastic way to pack your store with customers and swamp your phone lines with calls…but not every sign is created equal.

Really, there are 6 absolutely crucial components every sign either has or doesn’t have. To get the biggest bang for your buck, be absolutely sure that your LED sign meets each and every one of these criteria:

29 Oct


MEGA DYNAMIC CREATIVE SERVICES Make an immediate impact with your LED SIGN!

29 May

Put Your Restaurant on the Map with LED Displays

No matter how delicious your dishes are, it’s still hard to get people to drop by your store if they are not even aware of your store’s existence. A lot of people may be passing by in front of you everyday, but the challenge is how you can really make them turn around, step inside […]

21 May

Reducing Energy Consumption during Hot Season

Hot season may mean good business for some, but it can also mean added expense for most businesses, especially those in the food and retail industry. The boost in foot traffic in your retail store may require you to use additional fans or air conditioning units. You may even consider opening for longer hours to […]

18 May

How to Become an LED Sign Dealer

LED sign has been a must-have for a lot of business in the country today. Because of its catchy display and attractive graphics, a lot of companies are installing this device to boost sales or establish greater awareness about their brand. With this increased demand when it comes to digital displays and electronic message boards, […]

15 May

Keeping Your Business Safe this Summer

Summer will be here in a few weeks. If you own a business that is related to tourism, food, summer activities and others, this is your opportunity to improve your business and increase your profit. Unlike other businesses, seasonal business is more challenging to manage. Off peak season can be a drag for some entrepreneur […]

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