Deliver Better Community Announcement By Using LED Sign

April 4, 2014 by Antonette Basbas

In these modern times, it is important to have the right avenue in conveying important messages that can affect people’s safety and quality of life. Information is powerful. But it has to be properly delivered to the concerned individuals and should create the desired impact that can inspire action and change.

Everyday people are exposed to different messages from various media. With all the ads they can see around the neighborhood, they are usually occupied or too busy to read messages that they find uninteresting or irrelevant. This leave important information like community announcements, warnings or reminders easily ignored or taken for granted.

LED technology can make a difference in this aspect. With Full Color LED Sign you can:
• Announce important events
• Notify people about cancellations of classes or offices
• Greet people during holidays and other celebrations
• Offer direction and travel advisories
• Warn people against weather disturbances
• Welcome tourists and official guests

Here some advantages of using LED in delivering community messages:


Because of its efficiency, LED community board can be used to deliver messages in a timely manner. When it comes to community boards, sending out the right message at the right time is highly important. Notification about road accidents, fire, or incoming typhoon needs to reach the people concerned to avoid further damage or even loss of life.

Cutting-edge Features

Unlike traditional message boards, LED sign is also highly programmable to fit the nature of your content. Instead of just delivering announcement using a printed sign, LED sign allows you to create graphics that will promote urgency and will encourage action. By using the right color and effects, you can ensure that your message will have the right impact on the lives of the people in the community.

Clear Content

With LED, you can be sure that your messages can be seen by people from long distances. And because it’s habit forming, once the community gets used to seeing important announcements on a digital display, they will start to rely on it for useful bits and information.

Communities nowadays deserve a more sophisticated way to gain information about the things that matter in their life and in their neighborhood. In our next post, we’re going to give you tips on how you can create an effective community announcement using LED Display.

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Engage Your Customers Using Your LED Sign

April 3, 2014 by Antonette Basbas

An effective LED Sign content doesn’t just bombard audience with different messages. Instead, it encourages people to respond, react, think or take action after reading the content. However, only few businesses are able to successfully pull this off. Other companies are stuck in mediocre content that causes them to lose great opportunities to establish their brand or drive more foot traffic into their business.
Creating an effective content for your LED sign is not really difficult. If you are just willing to get to know your audience and understand the things that will interest them, you can definitely come up a message that will encourage them to patronize your business.
Here are some ideas to help you create an engaging LED Sign advertisement

  • Make your tone more conversational

Business like tone easily intimidates people and makes you look less approachable. Instead of using dry insincere words, try to make your message sound like you know them on a more personal level. Avoid using jargons or unknown terms without explaining them. Always remember to refrain from using words that will not coincide with your brand’s image.


  • Send Out Trivia

Sending out bits of information about your company or your products in a form of trivia is a great way to tell stories that can make your business more relatable. You can send out trivia about the start of your business, or the significant milestones in your company. During special holidays and special occasions, you can also send out relevant trivia that can make your audience appreciate the event better. Just remember to keep it short and fun so as not to bore your audience.


  • Offer solution to basic problems

Do you sell furniture, cars, or real estate? Engage your audience better by posting popular problems or questions and then quickly offer solutions. If you have to give instructions, present it through descriptive images and video to make sure that the information you’re sending can be easily consumed by the readers.


  • Don’t forget to add call to action

Let people know what you want them to do by including a call to action at the end of your message. Use call to action that can encourage people to purchase your products, join contest or get them to try your new product. As much as you can, use call to actions that are not overused to keep your contents unique. And remember: no hard selling.


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Reasons Why Your LED Sign Advertising Isn’t Working for Your Business

March 28, 2014 by Antonette Basbas

Your LED sign can work wonders for your business. Or at least this is what you were told by the agent that convinced you to purchase a full color LED sign for your small business. But if you are already using your digital display for quite some time and you’re still not getting the result you need, there might be something that isn’t right.


Below are just some of the things that can tell you why your LED sign advertising is not working.

You do not know who your target market is

When you identify and understand your audience, creating a content that appeals to them becomes easier. But if you’re not really particular about who is seeing your ads, you might be wasting a lot of valuable time and money. Not having a clear picture of who you are talking to can lead to a lot of advertising mistakes that can be vital to your brands’ success.

Wrong Location

LED Signs are proven to be more visible than other traditional types of outdoor advertising. However, putting your electronic display in the right location plays a vital role in the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. If you really want to get it right, double check if you have the right location for your message board and adjust if necessary.

You don’t have a specific person in charge

You can’t expect your LED sign to just deliver a message on its own accord. Although there are outdoor or indoor LED boards that can be automated to deliver the right message at the right time, it is still important to have someone who is in-charge about your LED sign. This person is the one assigned to make sure that your LED board is functioning the way it should. He must also be quick to respond whenever there is typographical or technical error happening and must know who to contact whenever there is a problem in your digital display

Addressing these common issues ensures the effectiveness of your LED display and will let you avoid any unnecessary incident in your advertising.




Use Your LED Sign to Bring Back The Interest Old Customers

March 26, 2014 by Antonette Basbas

Losing valued customers is one of the major problems that an entrepreneur needs to face to survive the challenges of establishing a business. Although there are different reasons that can affect the decline of the traffic going in your store, it can definitely help to have the right tool to bring back the interest of your customers and establish a better relationship with them.

Do you have full color LED sign in your store? Why not use it to send out interesting contents that can bring back your customers’ interest back to your business.


Here are some ways to use LED sign to revisit old leads

1. Offer a new product selection
People tend to feel bored when they can’t see anything new in your store. Surprise them with a new product offering. It doesn’t necessarily have to be really new. Give old items a new twist or improve some of its features and let your customers know about it through your electronic message board.

2. Invite them to join promos and contests
Add spice to your business by creating fun promos and contests that will appeal to your customers. Save a part of your income and host a big contest that will definitely capture the attention of old timers. Doesn’t have enough budgets for big contest? Look for sponsors and offer to include their names on the promotional image or videos to be shown on your LED Sign.

3. Make your content more personal
Instead of using your old sales pitch, why not try to come up with new witty lines that are more relatable for your customers? Sometimes, an old message can be presented in a new way, if you know how to spin it and give it a fresher sound. Reach out to customer more often and remember to keep your content fun and more engaging so your customer can respond to your message better.

Owning a full color LED sign does not only allow you to invite first timers to try your products but also allows you to engage and communicate with old customers. With the right content, you can rekindle your relationship with them and offer them better deals that can encourage them to patronize your services again.



A Step by Step Guide on Creating Content for Your LED Sign

March 21, 2014 by Antonette Basbas

Now that you have purchased your LED sign display the next thing that you should be thinking about is how you can effectively use it for your business. Yes, your digital display won’t work the way you want it to if you don’t have the right content. But how can you really create a content that will win the hearts of your target market?

Should you hire a professional to create it for you?


Well, somehow, you should. But that question deserves another blog post. So here, let us first give you some guides on content creation for your sign. Ready? Here are some of our tips.

1. Start with a goal
You can do a lot of things with your full color LED sign, but you may have to have a direction and ultimately a goal to keep all your efforts streamlined. Think about a short term and long term goals. Imagine what your digital display should look like and write down what you expect to achieve within weeks, months or years.

2. Get to know your audience
Write down the age and gender of your target audience and write content that specifically appeal to this segment. You can also take note of their lifestyle, religious practices or cultural activities and other information to get a better image of who they are.

3. Know your strengths
What do you have that others don’t? What do you think you can do for your customers that can make them stick around? Highlight those in the things in your content. Don’t over promote and make sure not to promise anything that you can’t fulfill. Just look at what you do best and let the people know about it.

4. Find your voice
Your voice or the way you speak to your customer should be in line with the image you want your customers to see. Do you want to look professional and authoritative? Or do you want to look more approachable and fun? Your choice of words and the graphics you use in your digital display should coincide with what your brand image.

5. Don’t forget to get some feedback
After you launched your LED sign you should devise a way to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. You can start by asking your most loyal customer about what they think of your new marketing campaign. Your staff and other stakeholders are also a great source of feedback. Hear their thoughts and don’t be afraid to adjust when needed.



4 Important Factors of an Effective LED Sign Advertisement

March 19, 2014 by Antonette Basbas

Just by walking around the city, you will see a lot of advertisement vying for people’s attention. From printed ads, TV ads, to billboards and LED screens, various companies try their best to engage potential customers and introduce their brand through witty images and catchy videos.


Image Credit: flickr

As a small business owner, how can you make sure that your ads are getting enough attention amidst the competition? What should you do to bring value to your audience and get them to act in favor of your company?

Using a sophisticated advertising tool such as full color LED sign is a great way to get your content noticed. However, there are still some factors that will affect the efficiency of your ads. Below are four of them.

1. Duration
How many seconds do you really need to get your message across? That actually depends on your product or the location of your LED screen. If you’re targeting pedestrians and you’re addressing passersby in front of your store, chances are, you can get your ads a little longer. Keep it under 30 seconds not less than 15 seconds to make sure that your ads can be seen from start to end.

2. Format
Is your message big enough for people walking within 10 feet? How about from those that are driving 30 to 40 kilometers per hour? Can they clearly read your LED message board? If you want to make your ads effective, it’s great to determine what is the right size, and font style you should use in your ads. Always try to achieve balance and let people focus on the more important details down to the least important ones.
3. Design
An ad with sloppy, cheap design will never have a chance against your competitors. Instead of putting up mediocre content, sit down and take some time to decide how you want your LED screen look like. Ask someone in your team who knows how to create a poster or video to come up with something that represents your brand. Don’t forget to include your logo and company’s tagline for better branding.

4. Content
Do you need text heavy ads or should you go for image driven content? If you’re in a business that relies on visual signals like the auto industry, real estate, or a travel agency, definitely go for large and vivid images. Otherwise, you can use short, witty tagline to represent your brand and your product. And when you use words to advertise your business, make sure your fonts are big, bold and readable. Don’t forget to infuse fun in your content to keep it light and easy for your readers.


Take Your Business to Greater Heights this Spring Season

March 14, 2014 by Antonette Basbas

The arrival of spring brings a lot of positive energy for businesses everywhere. The weather is looking great and people are becoming more energetic as they prepare for summer. Spring also signals rebirth and renewal so people will surely be looking forward to replacing their old stuff with the new ones.

Store Sign

If you’re a small business owner, or a startup entrepreneur, this is a great opportunity to boost your sales or give your business a much needed update. Want to know how you can make the most of the spring season? Read our tips below:

Examine current marketing practices

Before you move forward, it’s important to get an idea on how well or how bad your business performed in the last couple of months. Get feedback from customers, staffs and business partners have a look at your business from different perspectives.

If you’re using different promotional tools like LED sign display, electronic billboard or outdoor message boards, you must also check their effectiveness by asking feedback from your customers or other pedestrians in your area. From the information you gathered, you can update and customized to fit the current needs of your business.

Improve and update

As we welcome a new season, there will be new trends and holidays to celebrate. If you find your current practice lacking, take time to create a better marketing plan. Invest in new tool if needed or touch up anything that needs upkeep.

Read blogs, articles, or news related to your business to get a grip on what’s happening in your industry. Incorporate what you learned when creating a new marketing strategy for your business and discover new ways on how to promote your brand.

Get more personal

Instead of putting up scripted advertisement on your full color LED sign, why not try to put your message on your words to make it more conversational and personalized. Use words that can be easily understood by your customers and try to reach out to them by addressing their needs. Show concern towards your customers and they are most likely to return your efforts with loyalty.

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Advertise Slow Selling Items with LED Sign

March 12, 2014 by Antonette Basbas

No matter what you do, there will always some item in your inventory that just doesn’t sell the way you want them to. Whether it’s a result of result of changing trends, or an error in ordering, inventory, those items that are sitting on your shelf far longer than its desired time can affect your sales and overall profit.


But how can you sell those items without losing your capital?

Businesses use different strategies to do this. Some of them offer those slow moving items at a discounted price or in buy one take one promo. Others decide to bundle it up with the best selling items to at least get their money back.

But before you do these tricks, make sure you have checked other things that affect this slow sale. Have you done enough promotional efforts for those products? Have you tried promoting it again through your full color LED sign?

Presenting old items in a new way

LED sign is an effective tool to promote new arrivals, item of the day or featured product of the week. However, you can definitely make use of your LED message board to promote those items that are already sitting on your shelf for a long time.

There are products that do not quickly sell just because people are not aware of the brand and they feel a little hesitant to trust its products. Break the ice by introducing it to your customer through entertaining video or images. Use your LED sign to present old items in a new way. Send out some trivia about the materials used in that particular product. Highlight its strength and give people some reason why it deserves to be on their shopping list.

If the item is fairly new in your store, you can also send out caring instructions or tips on how to use it properly. This way your customer will most likely to notice your items and gain better appreciation of your product offering.

Most of the time, slow moving items just need a light push to make it more appealing to customers. Aside from giving it new looks or packaging it with other items, make sure that you do proper promotion for those items. Keep your customers informed it will significantly decrease the selling time of your inventory.



Some Tips on How to Keep Your LED Sign Updated

March 7, 2014 by Antonette Basbas

It is true that an LED sign can improve your business. Better exposure, wider market reached, increased visibility – these are just some of the things that you can enjoy after installing an outdoor LED sign.

But putting up an attractive business sign doesn’t resolve all your marketing problems. It’s a great tool to put your message out there where people have a higher chance of seeing it; however, it’s still up to you to keep it updated, relevant and eye-catchy day in, day out.


So before you expect a boost in sales, or long queues on the way to the counter, it’s time to create a solid plan on how you can keep your electronic message boards updated.


1. Highlight products
Maybe this is what pushed you to invest in LED sign, after all. To make your content more effective, utilize the full color features of your message board. Create content that is visually appealing. Highlight your products’ strongest points by giving trivia about the sources of your materials or a sneak peak of what a delicious pizza went through before becoming a delish food.

2. Give instructions
Inform people how they can enjoy your products for a longer period of time by displaying caring instructions and reminders. If you’re using unique packaging for your products, you can also teach your customer how they can swiftly open their purchase. Any information that seems to make life easier will surely be appreciated, so don’t forget to share it to your customers through your LED board.

3. Join festivals and local celebration
Holidays, festivals or any event, is a great source of additional sales for your business. Grab the opportunity to relate to your customer by sending out personalized messages for your community. Throw some trivia about famous people, or event that has anything to do with the celebration.

4. Introduce your company
Have you recently reached a milestone? Opened a new branch or celebrated your anniversary? You LED sign is a great instrument to share your business’ greatest moments with your customers. Remember to keep your messages fun and engaging so you can relate to your audience better.

5. Say Thank You!
These two words can have great impact on your business. Say thank you to your loyal customer or those first time buyers who decided to give your brand a try. Do it with engaging graphics or images to make it more entertaining. Want to make your customers more special? Say thank you with a reward or discount offer, especially during holiday season and other ocassion.

Want to learn how to use your LED sign better? Check back again for more tips and tricks.


Boost Your Brand’s Visibility with Sidewalk Signs

March 5, 2014 by Antonette Basbas

Here’s an idea: your next loyal customer might be walking on the sidewalk in front of your store. He might be looking for something that you alone can give him. He might be on the lookout for a cool restaurant to hang out in, or a coffee shop that offers his kind of drink. But because your store sign is not catchy enough, he might be passing by your store a hundred times without noticing what your business can do for him.


If you’re a startup business, recognizing this opportunity is essential for your business’ success. Letting people know what you can offer, whether through an electronic billboard or full color LED sign, can increase the possibility of people walking into your store instead of walking past it.

One great opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility is to install a sidewalk sign in front of your store. Whether you’re in the food business, retail industry or service oriented business, you can definitely benefit from the additional foot traffic caused by this outdoor sign.

Using LED for your Sidewalk sign

A lot of businesses who recognize the benefits of great business sign are using sidewalk sign to advertise their new products or invite people to try daily specials. But if you want take this effort to a whole new level, you can also use LED powered business sign to create a catchier sidewalk sign.

Compared to static form of outdoor advertising, LED powered sign can be easily updated and refreshed depending on the need of your business. You should understand that keeping your signs updated is essential in delivering your promotional messages effectively. Once your message becomes old and outdated, it becomes irrelevant and boring for your customers.

If your goal is to drive more traffic inside your store, you should invest in a tool that not only sends out your message attractively but also delivers it in a timely manner. Hundreds or perhaps thousands of pedestrians walk past your store everyday. Imagine how you can increase your business if you can least turn a portion of that population into raving fans of your brand.
Open your business to greater possibilities by putting up a sidewalk sign.


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