17 Jul

Are LED Signs an Expense or an Investment?


Time and time again, businesses who choose LED technology for their advertisement needs find that their new sign plays a big role in sustained growth for their company. One of the first questions many business owners ask is how much digital signage costs. That’s a fair question, to be sure. When you consider buying a […]

17 Jul

Choosing the Best Communication Methods for LED Signage


LED signs are fast becoming one of the most important communication tools for businesses today. And as the owner of a digital messageboard, it’s important that you know how to communicate with your sign in order to deliver the right content to your customers. Communicating with your sign can be done in several ways, and […]

10 Jul

Electrical Certifications to Look for When Buying an LED Sign


While there’s a certain level of trust that’s necessary when making any purchase, some things can’t be left up to chance. Safety is one of those things. There are a variety of electrical safety standard labels you might find on an LED sign, which indicate that sign has passed a set of strict guidelines and […]

10 Jul

How LED Signs Manage Heat


When ignored, heat can kill an LED sign. Among all environmental conditions, excessive heat is one of the most damaging, with high heat shortening the lifetime of your sign and lowering performance. For LED signs, the optimal operating range hovers around room temperature (same as people). But with signs normally exposed to the elements and […]

14 Jun

5 Church LED Myths You Should Know


While I do run a business that manufacturers church signs and I absolutely hope you’ll do your own research, I have to get this off my chest… The vast majority of church LED skeptics are people who’ve never used a church sign and don’t plan to in the future. Sometimes you hear a rumor and […]

14 Jun

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your School LED Sign


The concept of LED signs is fairly straightforward—just install the sign, write some quality messaging, deliver that message quickly to tons of people. But like all technological advancements, LED signs won’t do you a whole lot of good if you don’t understand how or why to use them. Many organizations wind up glancing over that […]

05 Jun

Choosing the Best LED Sign for Your School


Many of our customers are surprised to learn there isn’t just one type of LED message board. But despite the choices we have available, choosing the perfect LED sign for your school really couldn’t be easier! First, we just need to answer a few questions: Will your school LED sign be inside or outside? How […]

05 Jun

6 Elements of a Great Church LED Sign


The key word here is great. If you’re looking for a second-rate church sign, you’re in the wrong place. Great church signs are the perfect way to spread your message far and wide to keep your current congregation up to date and reach potential new members like never before. In our opinion, the best church […]

08 May

Choosing the Best LED Sign for Your Church


Many people are surprised to discover there’s not just one kind of LED sign, but picking the right church LED sign doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the process starts by answering a few questions: Will you place your sign outside or inside? How far will viewers be from your sign? How fast will […]

08 May

6 Elements of a Great School LED Sign


A great school LED sign is the perfect way to get your message out and keep all of your students, faculty, parents and visitors up-to-date on the latest news and events. Key word: great LED signs. Not all school signs are created equal. There are six totally essential building blocks of an outstanding school LED […]

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